Student Experience | Sarah Krzyzek, Intro to Web Development

By Sarah Krzyek July 29, 2016


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1. Now that you’re more than half way through your course, what has been your favorite aspect of the course thus far?

My favorite part of the course is how what we go over in class whets my appetite to learn even more on my own. At first I was expecting to do one or two hours a week outside of class, but I’m finding that to not be enough! I’ve been experimenting with making different web pages, so I can go over things I’ve learned in class as well and challenge myself to branch out and do something totally new.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your final project?

Yeah, I’m really excited about it! One of my career goals is to become a full-time freelancer, so I’ll be creating a new portfolio to showcase my graphic design, photography, and illustration work (and hopefully some web design projects in the near future!) So far I have created a simple wireframe, picked out my fonts and color scheme, resized photos of my work and started to code the navigation. We covered Bootstrap pretty thoroughly in our last class, and I feel confident that I can match my wireframe and also have all the features on my wish list. Before the next class I plan to set aside some time and get the basic skeleton of the site built so I can maximize the time with the instructors.

3. How do you see yourself applying your newfound skills to your current role?

I’ve actually just been assigned to design the UI for a new website at work. I have done some UI before but now that I’ve taken this web development course, I have such a better understanding of what goes into creating a website. This means I can provide more clear and accurate specs for the programmers to work with and will make both of our jobs easier. Funny enough, we spent the majority of our last class building a web page based off a designer’s mockup and I got to experience firsthand working from that different perspective. The mockup we were using was lacking in some details and our class spent a lot of time guessing and testing different values to get a result close to the design. All I could do was cringe at how I must have made other web developers waste so much time when I could have easily given them thorough descriptions.

4. What have you found to be the most rewarding? Most challenging?

The most rewarding aspect of this course is the confidence I have gained in trying something entirely new and outside my comfort level. Coming from a graphic design background, I was worried that my visual brain wouldn’t grasp coding very easily and I would fall far behind my classmates. But here I am, already approaching friends and family to create websites for them in the coming months, and I think this will be the start of an exciting future for me. I really appreciate this Brainstation course for giving me the confidence to make my career goals a reality.

Right now, the most challenging thing for me is getting all the CSS syntax straight. Each property has it’s own selectors and values so it can get pretty confusing! I’ve been doing some extra CSS lessons and quizzes on a few different sites and that has really helped improved my comprehension. Then during class, I am not as distracted by a term I am not familiar with and can follow along much easier.

5. What are your goals for week 7 & 8?

At the end of our last class, we touched on Javascript and it seems pretty intimidating. Before our next class, I’m want to spend some time getting more familiar with Javascript’s functions and syntax so I don’t feel so lost. After that we’ll be covering using WordPress, and I’m looking forward to learning how sites are hosted and maintained.

Sarah is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation Vancouver.

Sarah is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation Vancouver.

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