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By Rebecca McNeil April 27, 2016

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You know the expression “time flies”? We are at the halfway mark for the 10 week Digital Marketing course, and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Like most things in life, this course is exactly what you make of it; you could easily just show up once a week, but our instructors have been challenging us to go beyond our learnings here and certify our expertise.

On top of coursework and crafting a response to the RFP our client proposed, I spent the past two weeks diving into Google Analytics and AdWords to pursue these certificates. Even just telling clients and potential partners about this pursuit impresses them.

What I really love about this course, though, is the intangible ­ the motivation from my instructors and peers and the creativity and collaboration in coming up with unique ideas for our client.

Much like the data and analytics we study (from Google Analytics to Facebook Insights, customer journey mapping, and SEO) the curriculum is the basis for our understanding but the magic comes from everything around it. As Albert Einstein said, “not everything that is counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Similarly, the value in the course halfway through extends beyond what I could have gleaned from the course outline when I registered.


Our project is working with a successful health brand, which can be a challenge to build upon existing success. They have much of the “magic” I would say other companies aspire to ­ brand love and loyalty, and a solid product which enables people to live a healthy lifestyle. For our RFP response, we will focus on showing them how to keep the vibrancy of their brand, just amplifying it with reliable tools and insights from analytics. The key is never to let one element overshadow the other -­ we need the raw, organic content and quality that wins people over with authenticity just as we need content and community decisions built on insights as much as instinct.

With stronger tools than ever, I am feeling more confident in delivering an excellent strategy to our client. In earlier days, I worried about winning them over or if they would be stuck on particular tactics. Knowing our next two weeks will focus again on building out the data­driven skillset most clients seek (including SEO and growth hacking), I feel increasingly secure in my ability to deliver. I have the creative capacity, great experience with content, but more than anything being halfway through my course at Brainstation I can’t believe how sure I now feel of the strategies I am offering clients ­ and how sure they seem to feel about me.

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