Student Experience | Product Management, Week 6 & 7 | Anupriya Gupta

By Anupriya Gupta March 2, 2016

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More than half way through the course!

We started the class off with presentations. It was interesting to see how far everyone has come with the products they had began. We then began a very interesting part of Product Management – Story mapping! We split into groups and worked on an exercise, which I can easily say was one of the most interesting activities I have done so far. Everyone was deeply engaged and enjoyed the process of story mapping. We finished the class off with some more theory, and will finish off the remainder of the presentations next week.

We started off class 7 with a review of story mapping. We then dived into our routine stand-ups which were replaced by remainder of the presentations. We went on to cover an extremely interesting topic – Wireframing! Wireframing is basically the visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of the product. It helps us think about what we want the experience of our product to be. We learned about the different tools used – specifically Balsamiq, Illustrator, Omnigraffle and Axure. We then went to talk about user testing and briefly touched upon the different user testing tools available. We ended the class off by talking about Road Mapping – which is basically a depiction of what we plan to do, when we plan to do it.

Anupriya is taking Product Management at BrainStation Toronto!

Anupriya is taking Product Management at BrainStation Toronto!

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