Student Experience | Product Management, Week 4 | Jessica Park

By Jessica Park February 11, 2016

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I was brought back down to Earth in class with the bittersweet realization that mid-term presentations were due next week. But wait, aren’t mid-terms supposed to happen at…Then it hit me: somehow 5 weeks have flown by and we’re at the halfway point. WOW. Next week I’m supposed to stand up in front of my peers to present my never-before-thought-of-world-changing product idea and I haven’t a clue what I’m going to say!

The funny thing about BrainStation is that while it doesn’t really feel like “school” or “higher education” that’s exactly what it is. It’s been such an amazing experience getting to know and working with my fellow classmates and soaking up every ounce of insight from my instructor and teaching assistants that it hasn’t felt like traditional learning at all. I guess that’s the point though: it’s not traditional learning.

Yet, when I sat down to read through my notes and create my mid-term presentation, I’d realized that while it didn’t feel like learning as I’m used to, I had actually learned and accomplished so much over the past 4 weeks. I now have a solid understanding about product management as a discipline and believe I could confidently apply these learnings to both my current job in a large global corporation, as well as if I were to ever decide to pursue an entrepreneurial venture. I was able to build my presentation fairly quickly because all of the work I needed to include had virtually already been completed over the past 4 weeks.

I have to be honest though, group presentations have never been my cup of tea, so I will definitely need to put in some time practicing. Fingers crossed the teacher calls on me last… Wish me luck!

Jessica is taking BrainStation's Product Management Course in Toronto!

Jessica is taking BrainStation’s Product Management Course in Toronto!

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