Student Experience | Product Management, Week 4 | Greg Hayes

By Greg Hayes February 10, 2016

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This week all members of the Product Management class will be presenting their business ideas.  This is a mid-course presentation, and is intended to generate feedback that will allow us to improve our ideas before we get too far down the road.  As nerve-wracking as the task is, it will be good to get feedback, both positive and negative.  It may give me the confidence I need to get my product idea off the ground, or it may reveal that my idea needs more work.  Either way, constructive criticism will help make my idea better, so the feedback will be appreciated.

We are to produce a five-slide presentation covering the areas of product management that we have touched on to this point in the course.  They are:

1)     The Product Canvas and Product Vision

2)     The Product’s Target Persona

3)     An Industry Analysis

4)     A Hypothesis Statement

5)     Research and Survey Strategy

A lot of people entered the course with pre-conceived digital product ideas, and we’ve covered a lot of ground over the first four weeks of the course, so I imagine the class will produce some pretty interesting presentations.  It will be great to see some of the innovative products coming out of our small group.  Based on some of the ideas that I’ve heard bounced around over the past few weeks, there is some awesome potential for business ideas that could turn out to be successful in the real world.

In preparation for my presentation, I’ve gone through each step that we’ve touched on.  I’ve built a product canvas and written out my product vision, each of which took weeks of tinkering and tweaking (and still require some work).  I’ve constructed a “target persona,” or the prototypical user of the product that I am working on.  This persona includes everything you could imagine about the user, including their age, name, industry of employment, how they get to work, and even what they do in their spare time.  I’ve completed an industry analysis, which was relatively easy (since my product is real estate related, and that is the field I work in).  Finally, I put together a hypothesis statement (addressing how a specific challenge can be solved with my product) and a research and survey strategy.   All in, it took me a few hours to put only five slides together, but there is no use in doing this half-way!

I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on my plan, and to hearing the ideas of others in the class.  I’m sure my next check in will provide an exciting overview of what transpires!

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