Student Experience | Product Management, Week 3 | Anupriya Gupta

By Anupriya Gupta February 2, 2016

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Its already week three of class!

Today we began the class with reviewing some of the user personas we discussed in last class.

We then had our first round of standup, where a product manager (students in our case) shares what he or she accomplished the last week, plans for next week and areas where help is required. This is generally not followed by a Q & A, but colleagues share ideas via personal modes of communication (chat, emails etc). We had students come up with some pretty cool project ideas that they have begun working on.

We then covered a lot of theory content – a few weeks of an MBA compressed into one class! We learned Michael Porter’s five forces, which are standardly used for product analysis. We then broke out into groups and did the five force analysis on Tesla’s product!

The class was exciting and full of content as always! Looking forward to more stand ups and content in week 4.

Anupriya is taking Product Management at BrainStation Toronto!

Anupriya is taking Product Management at BrainStation Toronto!

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