Student Experience | Product Management, Week 2 | Anupriya Gupta

By Anupriya Gupta January 27, 2016

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Week 2 of class! We covered a lot of content in 3 hours. The class is moving at a perfect pace so far- not too fast, not too slow.

We began the class with covering some new content. We talked about Pivots and learned about interesting Strategic Pivots that some popular companies took early on to make them what they are today! Some cool ones were Pay Pal and Twitter!

The class then split into groups and worked on four different products. We put on our Product Manager hats and worked on developing Product Vision statements. We quickly learned how to build the Product Canvas, also known as the Business Model Canvas. We learned about the importance of knowing of our Target Groups well!

We ended up with presentations from each group – it was impressive to see what each group came up with in such little time!

Anupriya is taking Product Management at BrainStation Toronto!

Anupriya is taking Product Management at BrainStation Toronto!

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