Student Experience | Michael Brynjolfson, Intro to Web Development

By Michael Brynjolfson July 25, 2016


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1. Now that you’re more than half way through your course, what has been your favourite aspect of the course thus far?

My favourite part of this class to date is how much I have learned about front end development. The class teachings have shown me the way around the latest versions of CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JQ and JS which has made me a lot more comfortable in my discussions with my team and timelines. I have also been able to start playing around more comfortably with my other WordPress sites and have had to rely much less on my designer and front end dev to make small tweaks — big win on my expense reductions.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your final project?

My final project is taking an existing theme from WordPress and changing it to fit my brand. I am hoping to have a fully functional branded site with four pieces of content (various forms) by the end of this class. This means making sure the site maintains its integrity while pulling it far away from its generic theme and into my brand. This will mean changing the CSS and HTML substantially.

Wordpress theme chosen

3. How do you see yourself applying your newfound skills to your current role?

I have already applied the new knowledge to my role as Senior Producer. I usually ask for changes from my team by asking them to move page elements around which is always a little bit of back and forth. Now, I do it on my local computer and call them over or take screen shots to show them exactly what I mean. This practice has saved the company lots of time and, subsequently, bigger margins. YAAAAAAAAY bigger margins!

4. What have you found to be the most rewarding? Most challenging?

The most rewarding part of this class has been the demystifying of code and the myth that devs have all the power. Although it takes years to know everything you really need to know when writing great code, I have figured out that it doesn’t take long to understand what certain code means in certain areas.

The most challenging part is the retention of all the information I have been cramming into my noggin. The class is very high paced which is why it is essential to be there for every class and be on time. Everything we’ve been taught is invaluable.

5. What are your goals for week 7 & 8?

My goals for the following two weeks is to get a good head-start on the final project. Since I am pulling from a WordPress theme, there must be substantial amount of work done to make it fit my brand and take the already present theme to the next level. I also have to change the theme a lot from the original to show the dev chops I have gained from this class. Also, the faster I get my new site done, the more viable the business will look to investors.

Michael is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Michael is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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