Student Experience, Maryam Mobini | Social Media Strategy Fundamentals

By BrainStation April 27, 2016

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Do you know the feeling you get after a long run? You return feeling exhilarated and renewed. That is exactly how this workshop made me feel – excited, free, hopeful, and limitless. With this one day, 7-hour, immersive workshop I feel like I just ran a half-marathon. Conner Galway’s teaching style was so inspiring that new ideas came to me on the spot. I am currently completing an MA at SFU and, despite the exciting nature of my research, lately, I’ve felt uninspired due to the disconnect between my instructors and the industry.

At BrainStation, unlike the University, you are taught a ready-to-use skillset by instructors who employ the most current digital strategies and technology in the industry. This is vastly opposed to the hypothetical and antiquated knowledge of my university professors.

I want to break away from the traditional 9-5 job and join those who have adopted the nomadic lifestyle.

Now, I’m not saying you should instantly quit your job in pursuit of the dream. No, you need a strong and well-developed vision, as well as the essential tools with which to map out a strategy. You must ask yourself, without the knowledge to promote your brand how do you compete with Instagramers and bloggers who make a living doing what they love? The first ingredient is passion and the second is a solid strategy, and that is where BrainStation comes in.

BrainStation works because you meet with experts in the industry. At this workshop, you’re taught to define a goal for your project and to augment digital marketing solutions for your company. The merits of your brand – or the objectives of your company – are given to analysis to figure out what gives your brand an edge over your competitors. They help define your project and develop the most strategic channels for distribution. Brand personality, content, strategy, and evaluation are their instruments.

Your brand immediately evolves by utilizing leading currents in the digital marketing industry.

It provides great value for the investment of time and money. One of its best aspects is you can employ what you learned the very next day. The instructors are always available for immediate feedback even after the class has ended. For example, in three weeks much can transpire in a developing a project and being able to secure feedback on your ideas is a leading edge in student and B2B engagement.

After the Social Media Strategy Fundamentals, I have the skills to elevate my marketing training. These tools can be implemented immediately at my current job and will enable me to generate a second income with my passion project. Social Media offers such a mixed bag of opportunities, channels, and advertising options. This can be overwhelming when considering one’s strategic plan to launch and manage their brand. In one day with BrainStation I learned how to narrowing down those options, select the channels and content best suited for my brand, and, of course, how and when to employ these newfound digital marketing tools.

The skills I gained give me an edge landing a job in marketing. I’m ready to break from a traditional career path and adopt the nomadic lifestyle that aligns with my authentic self. To me, this is true success.

I am enormously thankful and encouraged by this outstanding opportunity.


Maryam took part in our Social Media Strategy Fundamentals workshop and it taking our part-time Digital Marketing course.

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