Student Experience, Lana Rothman | Digital Marketing

By Lana Rothman April 26, 2016

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1. Now that you’re almost half way through your course, what has been your favourite aspect of the course thus far?

So far my favourite part has been that each class is so different from the next. I find that each class more interesting and applicable than the last. Unlike attending a lecture hall, the class is always engaging. Instead of just lecturing on the material, the instructors are always engaging and get you thinking and applying the concepts they’re presenting.

2. What have you found to be the most useful tool in building your skill?

I think the real life examples of the tools we are learning is the best way for me to understand and grasp the concepts. It is great how the instructors pause the lecture and give us exercises to apply the concepts right away. We can then ask questions, and all discuss the activity. No one is left going home with unanswered questions!

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3. With 4 weeks under your belt, are you finding you are looking at things differently with your newfound knowledge?

Yes! When topics like e-mail blasts and website re-design come up at my parents boutique, I am questioning the way things are done now. Do we track our e-mail blasts? Do we implement Google Analytics correctly and efficiently? Is our landing page attractive and useful? All these things I have learned in the past 4 weeks!

4. What are your goals for week 5 & 6?

My goals for the next weeks do dive into my group project a bit more and actually start working on laying out the presentation and setting aside time in the week for our group to get together. I also really want to find time to become eventually Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified!

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Lana is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation Vancouver.