Student Experience | Jimmy Lama, SEO, SEM & Analytics

By Jimmy Lama August 25, 2017

Meet Jimmy, a Junior Digital Strategist at Thinking Box and SEO, SEM & Analytics student who is leveling up his marketing skills by learning how to help brands stand out online. Get inspired by Jimmy’s story of building his digital skills.


What is your education and career background? Your current role?

I have a bachelor’s in Marketing & International Business, having explored different industries such as Consulting, Hospitality, Advertising and Technology over the past 7 years.

I currently work in tech for a growing digital production studio where I get to collaborate with data analysis, social media strategy, brand strategy, and other marketing efforts.


What course are you enrolled in for this cohort and what made you decide to take it?

I signed up for the SEO/SEM Analytics course for this cohort because I wanted to add depth to what I already know in digital marketing. Interestingly enough, when I start my career in marketing, roughly 10 years ago, many components of digital marketing were barely known or just starting to make an appearance.

Nowadays, it’s rare that an organization, or any sort of business for that matter, does not dabble in any form of digital marketing, whether that be increasing their brand awareness through social media, advertising through an array of digital avenues or have an online presence as the most basic form of digital marketing.


How did you hear about the program?

A coworker out in Toronto mentioned about the different opportunities that BrainStation was offering in terms of events, workshops and courses. That triggered my initial sense of intrigue about BrainStation. I eventually did some research through the website, my own network, and finally through some of the staff at BrainStation. (Shoutout to Richard Bent!)


What are you most excited to learn?

I’m particularly stoked to learn more about the different forms of digital marketing that have such a big demand in our current market: SEO and PPC. Looking forward to learn as much as I can about how I can use these avenues when preparing a marketing strategy.


If you had to pick a favourite tech company doing awesome things – who would it be and why?

It would have to be Google right now. Hands down. The corporation as a whole knows how to be visionary and capitalize on being years ahead in technology. They have spearheaded and collaborate in many technological advances, most recently artificial intelligence and machine learning, which I personally believe will change the game of marketing in the following years to come.


Favourite spot to spend an afternoon in the city?

There’s so many of them. It depends whether it’s sunny or not.

On a sunny day, either Kits beach or Third Beach. Love going for a swim, then reading a book by the ocean or just simply passing out to the sound of chill music, the ocean waves and people all around. Chances are you will also spot me at Earnest.

On a muggy day, especially if it’s rainy, it would have to be a coffee shop. I few hidden ones are Greenhorn (shhh, not many people know about it), Milano in Gastown is solid, or Parallel 49 is another favourite.


How do you plan on applying your newfound skills, personally and/or professionally?

Personally, I’m starting my own projects where I will definitely need to have sharp digital marketing skills. I’ll have a food & travel blog coming out soon (stay tuned!) which I’m excited to share with readers across the world.

Professionally, I’m looking to be versed in anything that spells marketing. Before I’m 33, I want my resume to read Jimmy Lama, Digital Marketing Specialist, Google Canada.


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