Student Experience | Intro to Web Development, Week 9 | Lauren Treleaven

By BrainStation November 23, 2015

Intro to Web Dev Student working on their website.

With only a couple of weeks left, I have started my final project and once I had started, it quickly got underway! The foundation of the website developed quickly and I am already onto the editing process and making it look unique. My HTML code already seems quite long, and I am trying to use my cascading style sheet (CSS) to edit and change the defaults to make my site stand out against the others, after all, there are millions of websites out there! The default settings of elements in HTML are not too exciting and/or colourful. As a result it is important to know how to edit elements using a CSS file (and a JavaScript file – which we most recently learnt!) so you’re finished product is an appealing and distinguishable website.

I decided to do something fun for my first ever website as I have no idea how it will turn out. I am creating a website for a coffee shop/book store (a childhood dream of mine!) and it has been a lot of fun. I have spent hours in coffee shops, enjoying the coffee and working on my coding. No complaints here!

In the last couple of classes, we have been given tools that help to create functions on sites such as photo carousels, navigation bars, etc. These sites have great code, which you can download and apply to your own HTML files. This has helped form my website and has been just one of the many tools our instructor has taught us. I am looking forward to the last couple of classes as we learn more tools and get to see what the other students have discovered and created for their projects.