Student Experience | Intro To Web Development, Week 3 | Lindsey Cepek, Drake Hotel

By Lindsey Cepek October 8, 2015

On week three we conquered Style Sheets, the box model and our new BrainStation classroom.

The new space is nothing short of impressive. Both the interior and exterior are designed beautifully. From the exposed brick, to the high ceilings and  big communal tables; the building is contemporary yet cozy and definitely inspiring! Looks aren’t everything, though. The space is already set up with Wi-Fi, all the technology needed for teachers to teach and sound proof ceilings for when students need some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the future cafe.

We settled in our new classroom after a tour of the one-time hostel and quickly picked up where we left off from last week’s lesson. Feeling more prepared this week (I even brought my glasses), we began to try our hand at stylesheets and the box model. I inevitably had all the questions to ask. But once we got started and I saw the results, I became less apprehensive and much more excited.

I have to mention, we also got the opportunity to test the sound-proofing at the social BrainStation hosted that evening for prospective students. Pints and Doritos included.

– Lindsey

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