Student Experience | Intro To Web Development, Week 1 | Hanna Kim, Vanhawks

By Hanna Kim September 28, 2015

Intro to Web Development class

Our instructor Sadaat, going over html 5 and css

I admit, I was a little nervous starting this course. Thoughts like – maybe I actually know nothing and will be behind from the first minute, will this course be too difficult for me, etc – did some haunting before I stepped into my first class.

I am so happy to report that these silly thoughts were/are just that, silly.

It was a welcomed surprise to meet peers that have already built their careers, and see their eagerness to learn even more. We all jumped right into the course together – we were all equally confused, then had mini celebrations together after understanding one concept, and then all confused again at the introduction of another. It was like learning the alphabet and beginning to understand the way they sound to form words, but wanting to jump ahead and form sentences and becoming frustrated because I didn’t know what the words even meant.

Though week 1 wasn’t too encouraging in my quest to show the web team at my current workplace that I’d soon replace them, thank the heavens for the most patient instructors ever. No question was dumb, no detail insignificant, and there was no sighs if one of us didn’t understand what was explained to us the first time. Week 1 was a great introduction to the comfortable (and judgement free) environment I’m excited to learn in for the next 12 weeks.



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