Student Experience | Intro to Web Development, Week 1 | Brendan Gamble

By Brendan Gamble January 27, 2016

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Week 1 started off great. BrainStation headquarters is a beautiful building with modern design and extremely inviting staff. Students were greeted with a personalized bag full of swag, including a digital key to the building that allows early access to the classroom on the day of our class (nice!).

The class began with an introduction from our instructors followed by a description of their own personal and professional backgrounds. It was impressive to see the amount of knowledge and experience that they all brought to the table. I felt like I was in good hands, especially having little knowledge of the material prior to signing up for this class. As our instructors explained their own personal journeys, it became apparent that they were all very passionate not only about the material they were teaching, but about providing a solid base knowledge of coding for their students to build on. Their commitment to providing the best education to us was refreshing to see, and I learned very quickly that this would not be the same classroom experience I was accustomed to from university.

Introductions were followed by an icebreaker activity for the students to become better acquainted with the people they would be spending the next nine weeks with. Students shared their current professions, reasons for taking the class, followed by the websites they used daily and could not live without. It was interesting (and relieving) to see the diversity of the classroom, with people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and at all levels of web development experience.

After a short dinner break came an overview of how the ten weeks were going to be broken down, and a step-by-step list of Class 1 objectives. One thing I noticed and appreciated right off the bat was the way in which the class schedule, notes, homework, and other resources were organized. All of the tools we would be using were simple to access and the explanations of how to use these tools were easy to grasp.

The class finished with a challenge to test our understanding of the material that had just been presented. It was awesome to have so many instructors available as we worked through the challenge. It was as if they had a sixth sense, appearing over my shoulder before I had time to look up from my screen or raise my hand. As it turns out, the power to code may not be their only super power.

Brendan is taking BrainStation's Intro to Web Development Course in Toronto!

Brendan is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Web Development Course in Toronto!

Intro to Web Development
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