Student Experience | Intro to Web Development, Week 1-3 | Bryan Pudney

By Bryan Pudney January 30, 2016

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I have always been interested in learning how to develop websites. It’s something that comes up time and time again when I play around with business ideas and new ventures. I am constantly spinning out a new project or idea with friends. And it normally all starts with a simple web site platform.

This was always a potential road block for me. I didn’t really have an understanding of what it took to create and develop a website, let alone a nice functioning website. For years I spent time and money getting help from developers who took far too long to produce a website I was happy with. I came to terms with the fact that the problem was my inability to effectively communicate my ideas, as a result of my minimal knowledge in design.

I needed this to change. Enter BrainStation. I have a very busy lifestyle these days and the thought of going back to school, although exciting, was very scary. I am currently training for my first Ironman in Hawaii in June, I have a full time position at Herschel Supply, and I help consult on a batch of other small entrepreneurial pursuits. I really didn’t think I had the time, or more importantly the energy to go back to school. After an exhausting search for online courses or local Vancouver programs, I found BrainStation. My first experience at BrainStation was one of the amazing workshops they host a few times a week at their head office. The Global Marketing Director at Herschel was doing a talk there on social media and I had to check it out and show my support. After visiting the space and getting a feel for the culture around the campus, I felt right at home. Not only are they inviting some of the best creative and motivated minds to speak, they employ a great team and host skilled industry professionals to teach the courses.

I knew this was the right place for me to learn. And they even offered the exact course I had been looking for. I decided to enroll in the Intro to Web Development for this Fall. I am about to go into Week 3 and have already learned the basics of HTML and CSS. It’s a totally new language to me. The teacher Alex is very welcoming and moves at a great pace. The class is full of other motivated and incredibly talented students who I am excited to be sharing a classroom with.

Even though the thought of going back to school was daunting, I am incredibly motivated and excited to be here. After week one, we were already creating simple websites. Its fun to go to class when you know you are going to learn practical knowledge and expedite your learning curve with the small class size and hands on programming.

Thanks to everyone at BrainStation for making an experience like this available in Vancouver.

Bryan is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation in Vancouver!

Bryan is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation in Vancouver!

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