Student Experience | Intro To Web Development | Lauren Treleaven

By Trilby Goouch September 8, 2015


It has been 4 years since university, and I have just applied to a program at BCIT. I have always had this program in the back of my mind, but the travel bug bit me and I delayed going into GIS at BCIT. I faced a challenge once I had read the application and saw that I need to have a basic level of computer and programming skills. It seemed intimidating to me; I know how to use a computer but programming is like an alien language to me. I found myself thinking “would this all be too difficult for me, I don’t know anything about HTML or CSS and I haven’t the faintest idea about front end design. For this reason I pushed the program to the back of my mind and started looking for alternatives as I missing the skill set needed.

Voila! I discovered BrainStation and suddenly the BCIT program began to appeal to me once more. The Intro to Web Development course that BrainStation offers covers the basic programming skills, language, and development that BCIT recommended. Learning these skills and then attending BCIT would help me to succeed in my journey of being a GIS tech. Not only will this course be useful for my program, but as technology becomes a more integral part of a successful business, these learnt skills will be transferrable to any career path. BrainStation is providing me an opportunity to excel far beyond just the BCIT program.

The Intro to Web Development course will act as my ‘prerequisite’ to BCIT and will be the stepping stone to getting into the career and industry that appeals to me. I wish I attended BrainStation years ago! I can’t wait to get started!

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