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By BrainStation July 14, 2016

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1. Now that you’re almost halfway through your course, what has been your favourite aspect of the course thus far?

My favourite aspect of the Web Dev intro course is the hands on of the teacher and teacher assistant. Both do a fantastic job at thoroughly explaining every aspect of the information they are relaying. They keep the speed of the knowledge transfer fast enough to keep us interested but slow enough for everyone to keep pace. If you do have an issue, they rush right over to help you figure it out. They don’t give you the answer, but rather guide you in helping find the error yourself, which is essential for when you are out there doing it yourself.

2. How is your project coming along?

The project is progressing nicely. We are still in the initial stages of learning dev and the focus on the project has yet to be pushed. Many of us have gone ahead and started forming what the skeleton of our site is going to be. Brainstation has been more than accommodating for me to start working on a WordPress theme as opposed to starting from scratch since this framework is what the blog and commerce site for my business needs to be based on.

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3. What have you found to be the most useful tool in building your skill?

The most useful tool in building the skills of web dev is that of reduction. I love how code needs to be thought through, the less lines it take to write to for the same outcome, the better the code is. The teachers are constantly looking at our work and showing us different ways of cleaning it up and making it more streamlined. This is a quintessential aspect to coding which they have taken great care in teaching.

4. With 4 weeks under your belt, are you finding you are looking at things differently with your newfound knowledge?

YES! As a digital web producer, I have had a much easier time communicating with my developers. I am able to switch the design around and send them screenshots of how I would like a certain element instead of trying to explain it over email. This has positively impacted production at our company and will continue to do so.

5. What are your goals for week 5 & 6?

Soak in everything about bootstrap, gather all the knowledge I have gained about CSS and HTML and start creating some fun pages. I want to look at the work I have done on other sites to date and see if there are ways to clean up the code. I am also going to practice, practice and practice. You only get better and faster with hard work and focus. Without putting what I have learned into practice, the knowledge I gain will disappear fast.

Michael is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Michael is taking Intro to Web Development at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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