Student Experience | Intro To Web Development | Margaret Gray

By Trilby Goouch September 3, 2015


When I was 11, I designed and coded a website in HTML. It was dedicated to my four Neopets and outlined, in fine detail, the hobbies, interests, and secret fears of each. The site was a glorious crash of early-2000s design principles as interpreted by a preteen. Sparkle fonts, tiled backgrounds, page view counts — you name it, I did it. As funny as it is to think about, I kind of went on with life thinking I had this coding thing down. I knew all there was to know, I was a genius, me and Mark Zuckerberg? Equals.

It turns out this isn’t the case.

It’s 2015! There are multiple coding languages, did you know that? Daily advances in design. New platforms and new people doing great things. It’s a whole new world out there in web development. And I’ll be damned if I don’t live up to everything my 11-year-old manic-coder self dreamed I could be.

More importantly, learning the basics of web development just makes sense from a business perspective. Working in management in a tech startup, I collaborate with everyone from digital marketing specialists to front-end developers to software engineers.  I need to know more about how they do what they do. Otherwise, I risk miscommunication and missed opportunities and that sounds like it would just suck. This course is going to be an excellent first step in making sure as little of that happens as possible.

Doing this for you, lollipop34732!


P.S. That’s my Neopets username. Lollipop34732. Turns out I made several million Neopoints in the Neopian Stock Market. Huh.

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