Student Experience | Intro To Web Development | Hanna Kim, Vanhawks

By Hanna Kim September 18, 2015

Valour from Vanhawks

My name’s Hanna Kim, and I’m currently the Marketing Coordinator at Vanhawks. Vanhawks is changing the future of commuting, and we’re so excited to bring the world its first connected bike with features that track performance, have built in sensors and lights, and more – go check us out (shameless plug)!

As a company with its focus both on hardware and tech, the learning never stops. I quickly found myself collaborating with our devs team and immediately realized the language barrier there was between us. Many updates and projects the marketing department wanted to see implemented would often have to be done with the help of the devs team but it was difficult for me to grasp the scope of each change – changes that I thought could be done with a click of a button might actually be a few hundred lines of code and take a few days.

Though I know there are many different computer languages, Intro to Web Development will provide me with some basic understanding to help me work more efficiently as a Marketer, better collaborate with developers, and maybe laugh at the jokes they tell.

– Hanna

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