Student Experience | Intro To Web Dev, Week 3 | Hanna Kim, Vanhawks

By Hanna Kim October 7, 2015

Inside look at BrainStation's new Toronto Campus

This week’s lesson was shorter – we went through our in-class challenge and learned about the box model and how to play around with it using CSS. Another decorative cool, it acts as a border to wrap around whatever HTML elements you may have, controlling where your text appears, the area around your text, and borders. I had the opportunity to bring back what I was taught to my work’s devs team and learned that this is an easy way to make quick fixes, and make pages look more aesthetically pleasing! It was cool to learn something that’s used in the everyday web developers thousands of lines of code!

This week’s lesson was cut short to introduce Thursday night classes, and the BrainStation community to their new innovation hub, right across the street from their current offices, on the corner of King and Spadina. The building is beautiful! It stands tall, with a white exterior, black finishes, and exposed brick elements. It has open floors for classes, breakout rooms, and even shared desk/work space for you to come in and work outside of class time! It was cool to learn about the new cafe, with an equally fitting name, Quantum, that will be moving in – it seems obvious that Quantum would have an app for download, to be able to make coffee orders, to pick up later (so obvious). Complete with an event space, whiskey bar, and a currently under construction outdoor patio space, BrainStation’s new home is an exciting place to be! I’m looking forward to BrainStation’s community growth, and excited for the BrainStation team’s journey and contribution to the Toronto tech space!

– Hanna

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