Student Experience | Intro To Web Dev, Week 2 | Lindsey Cepek

By Lindsey Cepek September 29, 2015

Lindsey Cepek - Headshot BrainStation

So, what should have been my second class for Intro to Web Development, was actually my first.

I wasn’t able to attend the first week’s class (great job, Bueller), which made me extra nervous about showing up to class and feeling like I was already behind. In attempt to best prepare myself, I followed the Slack notes and instructions to the best of my understanding and tackled the assignments that were posted for practice with a pal who just so happens to build websites for a living. By the time I completed the exercises, along with an impromptu crash course in some shortcuts and great html resources, I felt much more confident about attending Week 2.

Sure enough, I had worried far too much considering that all the resources were at my fingertips and a very helpful and understanding instructor; was there to answer all of my catchup questions. It was nice to see that the level of experience amongst my peers had varied as much as it did. All of this web development is pretty new to me and it was very relieving to know that this was the case for most of my other classmates.

I’m very excited to attend Week 3 and continue to build on what I have already learned in such a short time. Web dev is something that interests me so much because of such tangible and immediate results based on the work and time you put in.

For anyone that is hesitant to tackle something that is seemingly challenging and somewhat ‘over your head’; the BrainStation courses, quite like anything you do in life, is really an opportunity to learn and step outside your comfort zone.

I will continually have to remind myself that the purpose of this course is to do something new. If I already knew how to code, I wouldn’t be here!

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