Student Experience | Intro To Web Dev | Ryan Tessier

By Ryan Tessier September 22, 2015


Coming from a background in journalism, and now public relations, it’s always been very important for me to understand the best way of communicating with your audience. Having been in several different areas of both industries, it has always been a welcome challenge to find the best way to attract that audience through mediums of radio, television and print. Now as the industry continues to evolve, online has become one of the most dominant means of reaching an audience, and it will continue to become the driving force for engagement as we continue to integrate it into our daily lives.

I think as the PR industry adapts to these growing demands, there is going to be an increased need for PR professionals to understand web development and coding. Not only would this increase the service offerings a PR professional could provide, but also build bridges of understanding between PR professionals and the web designers they so often lean on to help design compelling websites for clients and campaigns.

I’ve personally decided to take the Web Development course with BrainStation so I have the skills to not only build out comprehensive web pages for my own products and services, but also work with current and future clients to create a complete cohesive experience between their PR efforts and their online presence.

– Ryan

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