Student Experience | Intro To iOS, Week 2+3 | Dillon Aykac

By Dillon Aykac October 2, 2015

Intro to iOS Development evening classes

Week 2
This week got a little more interesting with the introduction of loops, and object orientated programming in SWIFT. It’s a great class for new programmers to wrap their heads around some of the more advanced concepts. In university we would spend months on the topic, so it was impressive how they condensed all the practical information into one class. There’s always more resources available if we want to continue learning outside the class, which allows us to do some practical stuff in the class. Near the end of the class we started designing a UI with basic buttons and labels which was surprisingly easy. Even when you load up a blank project in XCode you already see the very familiar template that all iOS apps use. There’s a certain satisfaction you get when you first get a button to do something, even if it’s just saying “Hello!”. By the end of this class, you could already start making an app, albeit a very simple one.

Week 3
We are now getting pretty deep into user interface design and how the different templates work. After they teach us a new way of showing multiple pages, like the tab structure, you can immediately remember a bunch of real world apps that use it. Even though we’re learning about all these elements for the first time, we already know what they are and how they function. The tricky part about designing interfaces is the errors that come up. Unlike coding console applications where the output is just to a terminal window in all text, we have to tell xcode to imitate an iPhone or an iPad. Then xcode creates a new window that is an emulated iOS with our application on it. But, when an error occurs, it just stops and sometimes redirect you to a piece of code, this is where having a teacher next to you is a blessing. What would take me hours to debug, they can just look at and offer advice right then and there. Also, having classmates working on the same thing as you really makes it easy to discuss the problems and come up with a solution faster.

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