Student Experience | Intro to iOS | Dillon Aykac

By Dillon Aykac September 22, 2015

Hi, my name’s Dillon, I’m a recent grad and serial programmer. I’ve been designing websites since I was a kid, and started programming in university. I spend far too much time on a computer, but I’m fortunate enough to have a job that’s the same as my hobby. Almost everything I learned was self taught, which has it’s pros and cons. Specifically a con would be that you could learn how to create something, only to figure out that it was the wrong way. I think that’s why I’m looking forward to being taught by people in the industry. I’ve never dived into iOS development and I can’t be more excited for this course.

I’m currently working in downtown Toronto at the OneEleven incubator for a company called LocationGenius. Our goal is to provide crowd sourced analytics to businesses in a user friendly (and pretty sleek) interface. This means we include a lot of graphs and interactive maps in our online portal, which don’t really port over to mobile. I hope to use this class as an introduction to iOS development so that I can port over the application to the increasing number of mobile customers.

Aside from my job, I also want to use my new knowledge to create some open source applications. The majority of people in Canada have a smartphone and constantly rely on them for certain pieces of information. However we always run into some problem, like lack of internet or a webpage not being mobile friendly. Specifically why don’t phones have built in emergency hospital contact and locations? You could relatively easily write an application that finds the closes hospital and starts a navigation app automatically. In another case, have you ever tried looking up your local police departments non emergency number? All of these examples don’t come up often, but when they do require your immediate attention.
I’m really excited for the class and personalized learning environment. Hopefully I’ll come out with something cool at the end of all this.

– Dillon

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