Student Experience | Intro to iOS Development, Week 5 | Dillon Aykac

By Dillon Aykac November 3, 2015

Look inside BrainStation's iOS course

Views, Views, and more Views

This week we continued our exploration of the different types of views for iOS. A view controller is what tells the application where to put text boxes, images and pretty much anything you see on your screen. We had covered them last week too, but there’s even more then I thought! We took a look at tabbed controllers and how you interact with them. One interesting fact is that the code on one of the pages in the background isn’t called till the user opens it for the first time. This feels different from other languages where all code is compiled and starts at runtime.

The class is covering some more advanced topics that even veteran programmers will have to pay attention, but the educators made sure no one gets left behind. We also kept building on last weeks application so this one’s been one of our most complex lessons yet!

– Dillon

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