Student Experience | Intro to iOS Development, Week 3 & 4 | Amanda Field

By Amanda Field February 3, 2016


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Week 3

Today was the first day I felt extremely confident in the course. It was a breeze to discuss object structures using inheritance and polymorphism. The idea of swift inheritance and polymorphism is very similar to Java and after fooling around with syntax, I felt it was easy to apply my previous programming knowledge to this unit. We finally threw away the concept of just using playgrounds and have introduced projects.

I have completed making my first UI with a simple plus and minus button, adding and subtracting a number on a label. It’s horribly designed and very simple in comparison to the c# applications I have made, but it’s a good start to learning a new language 🙂

Week 4 

Back to feeling challenged… Last week’s inheritance and polymorphism lecture was too breezy to happen again. We have gone into creating our own classes that work the same as the components in an Xcode project. I felt I was struggling, but the help of Tony and the other TA’s made me feel quite confident to complete our assignment and understand a few new concepts. As much as there are parts of Swift I can relate to Java, it’s still very different and difficult, but looking at the future, every day I learn new concepts is another day I feel fulfilled and excited to challenge myself.

This class is only three hours, once a week, so the idea is to give you an overview of the concepts and then it’s up to you to do external research to understand the concepts given to you. I really recommend looking over the Swift Documentation on your spare time and doing extra tutorials found online. Practice makes perfect…!

Amanda is taking BrainStation’s Intro to iOS Development for 10 weeks starting January 2016!

Amanda is taking BrainStation’s Intro to iOS Development for 10 weeks!

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