Student Experience | Into to iOS Development, Week 4 | Dillon Aykac

By Dillon Aykac October 15, 2015

These original classes are intended to give us general knowledge about the SWIFT programming language and the iOS layout architecture. The class is prepared in a way that we start from scratch and develop a small application by the end of it, using a new method. Soon we’ll start our final project where we can combine all the different elements into one big application.

Personally, I’ve underestimated how difficult SWIFT would be to learn. I thought it would be just like any language, but the syntax is pretty different, and even the basic structures can get tricky. This is when I’m really grateful the class is aimed towards beginners because they make sure I’m never lost at any step.

Also, the homework provided after class really helps cement in the stuff we learned. At first I could easily get by without doing it, but after last class I was unsure. Doing the homework really cleared everything up for me. In the end, programming is mostly a practice in self learning where the teachers can guide you the best they can, but it’s up to you to really learn.

– Dillon

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