Student Experience | Why I’m Taking Digital Marketing | Grace Wu

By Grace Wu September 15, 2015

Letters for Hamid

I started out my career researching foreign policy and human rights issues. Always more comfortable drafting research papers or op-eds, I quickly learned that getting people to care about policy recommendations meant that I needed to understand how to deliver messages to the public. Getting people engaged on policy issues also meant there was a higher likelihood for social impact – which is the ultimate goal for any human rights or environmental rights advocate.

Working on cross-functional teams, I tried to learn as much as I could from in-house marketing specialists. I incorporated learnings about SEO and UX design into how I wrote about policy issues. I used what I learned in campaigns to raise funds and awareness about the persecution of women’s rights activists in Mexico and emergency appeals to support activists in the Middle East during the protests across the Arab world in 2011.

I’m now starting the Digital Marketing course with BrainStation to compliment these self-taught skills. I’m excited to learn more about improving the conversations we have with our constituencies and with the public at large.

We’ve all been inspired by the incredible number of citizen-led movements in the 21st century. From the uprisings in the Middle East, to the #occupy movement, to Black Lives Matter, and to President Obama’s election campaigns, everyone in the Non-Profit sector has learned that harnessing the power of the digital age means improving the conversations we have with one another. It’s not enough to have a good message; we have to use the most powerful means to deliver them to the public. I can’t wait to get started.

– Grace Wu

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