Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 7 | Madeline Hait

By Madeline Hait November 11, 2015

 BrainStation Vancouver Student at work in Digital Marketing

Week 7 of Digital Marketing has come and gone, which means we are now over halfway through our course here in Vancouver. Reflecting on the past few weeks, I’m proud to say that I know a whole lot more than I did at the start of this journey – though the biggest lesson has been that there is always more to learn!

A couple weeks back, our instructor John Galway opened up the class by asking who knew what “growth-hacking” was. Like most people in the room, I gave him a quizzical look and waited for him to elaborate. We learned that growth hacking is basically any method marketers use to gain huge exposure to potential customers and sell their product or service at little to no cost. It almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Lots of companies have successfully done it, but to be effective, growth hacking efforts require careful planning, creativity and some form of measurement. To truly hack the system and get great results with minimal investment, marketers need to create a win-win situation in which the company gets users and people get a benefit they actually value.

Last week, we dove into social advertising, a topic I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of the course. These days, it seems like ads or “sponsored” posts are popping in our feeds on almost every social channel. As annoying as this can be at times, social ads represent a powerful way for companies to connect with social media users and highlights the importance of doing it right to avoid alienating people.

As Facebook is still the most widely used of the popular social media channels, most of our class discussion revolved around how to create and buy effective Facebook ads. Targeting is crucial in order to reach your audience, so it’s important to carefully select and test those settings. To get your audience to pay attention to your ad, you need quality, branded content that doesn’t feel too much like an ad.

Finding creative and effective ways to reach customers through social media is an art as much as it is a science. Digital marketers need to stay in tune with their audience and with popular culture, all while communicating a consistent brand message. To me, the constantly changing nature of digital marketing is what makes it so interesting!

– Madeline

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