Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 7 | Christina Gooding

By Christina Gooding March 1, 2016

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Paid advertising is a very different landscape then it was even ten years ago. What was one of the biggest contributors for that change? The answer is Facebook. Facebook has created a network and platform like nothing else and makes advertising more targeted than ever before.

Regardless of the organic reach that has plummeted for most Fan pages, advertising spend continues to rise. And it’s simple really- it’s more valuable to spend money to target the right people than it is to get people to like your page. Instead of feeling at a loss by the organic reach to your fans- you can rejoice in the hundreds of millions of people you have to reach on the rest of the Facebook network.

Facebook has created an intelligent platform that’s easy to use. So how do you take advantage?

It’s all about tracking. The pixels and retargeting options that are available to Facebook Ad Campaigns are probably the best feature. You can create a campaign that’s targeted to previous visitors to your website, or evermore specific- those who have gone to your cart and failed to buy. I’m sure you’ve seen those ads that ask about a purchase you left behind- doesn’t it strike your interest?

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It’s about the coverage- how can you strategically place your product or service in front of people who are interested (without being annoying of course). And that last part is important too – don’t be the annoying advertiser. Here are some tips to get started making a Facebook Ad:

1- Keep your copy short and concise – know who you are speaking to and use their language.

2- Have a clear CTA (call to action), specifically asking your user to take an action.

3- Create an appropriate and yet catchy headline.

4- Pick an image that is eye-catching and helps tell the story of your Ad.

5- Follow all image and copy restrictions (formatting and word count).

Start somewhere and refine as you test. Test different headlines, different images, and copy. But start somewhere – it’s really quite easy!

Christina is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

Christina is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

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