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By Jass Binning February 22, 2016

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I can’t believe it is already Week 5 of our 10-week Digital Marketing course taught by a marketing expert from Unbounce, Justin Veneema. As I reflect on my experience so far at BrainStation, I can confidently say that taking this course was a great personal investment. I have a better understanding of their philosophy, as well as digital marketing best practices.


In terms of educators, we have had the opportunity to be taught by industry experts who are passionate, friendly, and dedicated. The high quality educators are truly what form the foundation of BrainStation, as they go through great lengths to help students get an understanding of the most important digital marketing concepts that are most relevant to success. I also found it very helpful that students and fellow classmates are connected outside of the classroom through our online chat platform, Slack. This allows students to get their questions answered or continue a discussion throughout the week.

In terms of the in-class assignments, they are designed in a way that provoke each student to dig deeper into the concepts being taught, allow students to share their ideas to their fellow peers who also give great feedback. In many ways, the course curriculum, educator, peers, and environment all work cohesively to create a wonderful learning environment which I look forward to every week.

Recap of Week 1-5 Digital Marketing Concepts:

  • Digital Branding and Defining a Mission
  • Strategies, Tactics & Creating a Digital Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Management & Blogging
  • Growth Hacking and Using Social Media to Build Users
  • Email Marketing Best Practices

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Overall, this class is challenging the way I think about the scope and impact of Digital Technologies, and how they apply to marketing. I am most looking forward to learning about marketing metrics and search engine marketing. These two concepts are extremely important for a modern digital marketer. For those of you who have been considering a digital marketing course, I highly recommend BrainStation.

Jass is taking BrainStation's Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

Jass is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

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