Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 5 | Graeme Barker

By Graeme Barker February 23, 2016

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Well we’ve just officially passed the half way mark and wow does time fly. I’m amazed at how much information they’ve packed into this course. Every class is being led by a different industry expert, specific to the topic. We recently had Connor from Junction YVR take us through every possible Social Media scenario. I thought I was a SM wiz… mind blown. What’s going on in social these days is next level.

We’ve had Justin Veenema from Unbounce leading the charge on a wide variety of topics. He even went the extra mile and hosted me at the UnBounce office the other day to answer all of my questions and concerns about landing pages. #myhero #mancrush


Last week the email marketing lead from taught the class on… email marketing. It has always been a question of how to segment, how often to blast that segment, what if they are in several segments, how often can you send to them? The answer is… Our little secret. I kid. Blast them however much you see fit, but do it in a way that is tolerable and is most likely to convert. In a nutshell, aim for high open rates, decent click through, and minimal unsubscribes. If a few people do unsubscribe, that’s ok, but keep your content relevant or you’ll end up with a massive unsubscribe rate and that is something to worry about.

The amount of knowledge and wisdom I’ve been able to apply to my own business, Beach Travellers (shameless plug), has been priceless. Looking forward to many more weeks to come!

Big ups to BrainStation for bringing school out of the dark ages and into the now.

Graeme is taking BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Course in Vancouver!

Graeme is taking BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Course in Vancouver!

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