Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 4 | Emma Knight, Greenhouse Juice Co.

By Emma Knight October 15, 2015

It was with a sense of shame that I left the fourth class in digital marketing at BrainStation. Productive shame, but shame nonetheless.

Taught by Tucker Schreiber of Shopify’s growth team, this class was the first in a new unit focusing on social media. We started with an overview of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, looking at user statistics (71% of US adults are on Facebook, and 70% of users engage daily!) and discussing examples (@chipotle: “Stop, drop and roll a burrito“).

Social media has been good to Greenhouse. One could even argue that without social media (and her offline sister, word of mouth), there would be no Greenhouse. It has been our primary tool for building a community and sharing the story of our brand from the very beginning.

Still, my cheeks were hot as I packed up my notebook after class four, and an expression that I’ve never warmed to lodged itself in my brain: “low hanging fruit.”

For one thing, we’ve done nothing on Pinterest. Lululemon has over two million Pinterest followers (more than twice their Instagram community), and one of their more popular boards is “smoothies & snacks.” We love smoothies & snacks! Our blog, Terrarium, is full of recipes for both. How can it be that we’ve never pinned any of them?

Greenhouse Juice showcasing their green juices

Secondly, we aren’t yet on Snapchat. I’ve been meaning to start snapping and chatting for so long my iPhone has gone out of date. For shame.

Moreover, our Twitter feed could be much sparklier than it is. I know this. I have always known this. Twitter is like a plant. It needs love. We love Twitter (we do!) but we don’t give it the attention it deserves. It’s suffering for lack of water, sunlight, and trending hashtags.

Similar flaws can be found (and were, as I tossed and turned all night) on our blog, our Facebook, and our Instagram. As a small company run by a small group of people who are themselves running most of the time, there is a lot more we could be doing. Low hanging fruit, ripe for the juicing.

So what am I waiting for? There’s no time like the present. See you on social…

– Emma

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