Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 4 | Christina Gooding

By Christina Gooding February 12, 2016

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This week we dove head first into social media. One class was not enough though, and we spilled into our next class­ not because of a slow pace or quality teaching (quite the opposite actually,­ they were spot on), it is a topic that could hold it’s own course..(just a thought BrainStation). Although maybe I’m biased because it is one of my favourites topics. Regardless of time, we covered a TON of content, and strategy on how to create content.

Facebook. Instagram. SnapChat. Pinterest. Twitter. The list goes on. Each social platform has taken the concept of media and advertising to a new level. It has broken down the barriers between companies and customers and is leading a trend of authentic communication. Long gone are the days where you need $100k for a billboard, TV commercial or a 2 page spread in Vogue – only to be left wondering who saw your content­ and how that might have led to a sale?

Twitter and Facebook were at the forefront and lead a path for small businesses to not only build relationships with their customers but start a relevant conversation with people around the world.

Point in case: the company I’m a part of, LULORA,­ started as a small in-­house project in Vancouver to make health accessible and easy, and expanded to over 85,000 followers in less than 6 months. That would have not have been possible without Facebook. There are countless stories like this, that exemplify the power of social platforms.

But not all social platforms are created equal, and each has their own language. Knowing this is very important in content creation. As a class, we broke down the main platforms and how we can compare content on each, ­when and how you can re-­use content and when not to. The best followers are ones that are engaged. If you’re spamming them with the same image over multiple platforms, you’re losing their interest,­ and their interest is valuable.

Next we covered the demographics of each platform. It’s important to know who you’re talking to (profiling your target audience first), and then you need to know where they’re hanging out and looking for inspiration. If you’re trying to reach the socially savvy generation, SnapChat is the way to go­. However, you might be wondering how to even use it?!?! (Me too!!)

I was very impressed with our guest instructor, Conner (JunctionYVR), who guided us through a marathon of material. Needless to say, my social content game has been challenged and I love it.

Christina is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

Christina is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

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