Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 3 | Emma Knight, Greenhouse Juice Co.

By Emma Knight October 5, 2015

Week Three of Digital Marketing: The New Digs

Week three of Digital Marketing fell on day one of an intensive photo shoot for a cookbook Greenhouse is working on with Penguin Random House. As a result I arrived somewhat late, and quite probably giving off a faint (hopefully faint) aroma of ginger and garlic (we cooked and shot ten recipes on the first day, most of them main courses).

Am I ever glad I didn’t miss the class altogether! It was the first day in the new BrainStation Toronto HQ, which has taken over the former backpackers’ hostel at King and Spadina. The transformation of this historical building has been swift and thoroughly impressive. The once shabby chic exterior is now crisply white with black trim, and we were instructed by email to “enter through the glass column” – always a promising sign.

Inside said glass column, a BrainStation t-shirt-clad staffer greeted me warmly, and directed me two floors upward to a bright, airy room filled with exposed bricks and beams. Although the space apparently did not yet have all of its finishing touches in place, it already felt like the modern, wabi-sabi classroom of my dorkiest eternal student (of the spotless mind) daydreams.

I tried to tiptoe in to avoid drawing attention to my tardiness, but the clicking of my soles on the parquet gave me away, and Chris beckoned me to sit down with a friendly “come on in!” and complimented me on my glass BrainStation water bottle (which has become an appendage). Settling into one of the even-more-ergonomic-than-before chairs at one of the spacious communal desks was a vivid pleasure for my stove-and-sink-wary vertebrae. Sitting outside the groups formed in the first week allowed me to make the acquaintance of some classmates I hadn’t yet chatted with – another treat.

We learned about how to map the different digital and real-world ways in which a customer experiences a brand, and set appropriate goals – with measurable key performance indicators – to improve that experience. We returned to last week’s case study of Mill Street Brewery to try our hand at applying what we learned. The ensuing discussion was both illuminating and directly applicable to my work for Greenhouse. As always, I left feeling inspired, invigorated, and excited for the next session.

– Emma

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