Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 2 | Rachel Bruner

By Rachel Bruner September 30, 2015

Class two started off with a lively discussion about branding: How do we define it? And, what’s its purpose? Our consensus was that a brand is a company’s reputation. And, although what it is hasn’t changed compared to traditional marketing, how it’s managed has changed drastically. Today, a company’s reputation is more difficult to control and requires more authenticity and engagement to succeed.

In the second half of class, we dove into the first step of developing a digital marketing plan: analysis and research.

We went through various frameworks and in groups we applied them to a case study. First we analyzed the external landscape: the political, economic, social space where the brand exists. Then, after sharing with the class, we switched gears to do an internal analysis: how competing brands’ digital tactics differentiated them from each other; identifying what each brand seemed to achieve and where each brand seemed to fail.

All in all a great second class. I got lots of practical analytical tools I will definitely use on the job! I look forward to getting into the nitty gritty details.

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