Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 1 | Rachel Bruner

By Rachel Bruner September 29, 2015


Last week was the kick off for BrainStation’s Digital Marketing course–my first professional development course and I’m definitely in the right place. There’s nothing quite like back-to-school energy. I forgot how much I love it.

The class is supposed be held in the new BrainStation space at King and Spadina, where the youth hostel used to be. Construction is not quite complete so we’re having the first class or two in the Konrad Group offices–with those downtown Toronto exposed brick walls, a fully stocked fridge, and flowing beer on tap. Not too shabby.

I was welcomed to class by a team of super friendly course leaders and directed to my assigned seat. The class opened with self-introductions. There’s a real variety of people here: students, writers, marketers and business owners; people working in the non-profit, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. Lucky me, getting to brush shoulders with this bunch.

Once we made our introductions and went through the usual course housekeeping we hit the ground running, moving into a discussion on what exactly digital marketing is, and how it has changed the marketing landscape.

The facilitator, Chris, said something that struck a chord with me. He said that today there are two distinct roles in marketing teams: the marketing manager and the digital marketing specialist. As we move forward, he said, we’ll no longer see this distinction. The marketing director will be the digital marketing specialist. For that matter, the entire team will be digital marketing specialists.

New opportunities are constantly being created online and more and more energy investment is required to stay current. Digital marketing provides invaluable payback. Marketers get realtime and accurate feedback from things like instant communication with customers via social media, and the precise number of clicks or conversions via analytics. As I suspected, digging into digital marketing is going to be well worth my while.

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