Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 1 | Madeline Hait

By Madeline Hait September 29, 2015


Week 1: Check!

This week marked the start of BrainStation’s Digital Marketing course, which made me realize that “back to school” doesn’t stop after you graduate. That said, this course doesn’t resemble the lectures I attended at University – and I’m not complaining!

I didn’t know exactly what to expect on the first day but I went in with some general marketing knowledge and a let’s-see-what-happens attitude. Before long, I was talking and joking around with the other students and instructors I’d just met, each with different backgrounds and experience. One of the greatest things about the learning environment at BrainStation is the openness and friendliness of the people there – everyone is eager to learn and share their thoughts.

After we had introduced ourselves and gotten a run-down of the course outline, everyone jumped right into a branding exercise. We worked in teams to discuss the digital strategies of major brands like Lego and Nike and how they connect with people online, then shared what we’d found with the class.

Shortly after, we learned that we’d be working in these teams throughout the course to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan for a real Vancouver business, which each group will present to in the final week. Slightly daunting, but I’m sure (hoping) that with the knowledge and skills we pick up each week, we’ll all be ready with killer final presentations.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for the weeks to come and will keep you guys posted!

Until next week,


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