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By Jass Binning January 22, 2016

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After walking into week 1 of my Digital Marketing course at BrainStation, I felt a wave of excitement to finally have been a part of a class that was much more than just expensive textbooks and recycled course curriculum from the year before. Instead of sitting in a large lecture hall, the BrainStation classes were held in a very intimate and trendy room – hardwood floors, projector and long white desks arranged in a semi-square; each student also had personal brain station “swag bag” placed their seat…what a great touch.

The Educator

Our educator, Justin Veenema, happened to be the Online Community Strategist at Unbounce. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject was enough to keep me interested but he went above and beyond as our instructor by encouraging students to ask questions, respond to feedback and most of all taking time out to listen.

The Students

Besides the awesome instructor we have a chance to learn from, I have to admit that it was very refreshing to be surrounded by students of many different backgrounds, ages and careers. Each student, brought with them, their own unique experience and it was not only refreshing but very enlightening.

The Assignment

After introducing ourselves and listening to the other student’s introductions, we were randomly grouped up and began our first assignment which was to help solve a real challenge for a local Vancouver company – KitsKitchen. If you ask me, I think it is pretty amazing that we are able to get our hands dirty and solve a real challenge for a company that is trying to use marketing to build their brand and expand their reach. I would much rather team up and create a SWOT analysis for KitKitchen than read over 100 pages of an old text book on how to do just that.

My Final Thoughts

A single course taught at BrainStation made me realize that university alone just won’t cut it anymore. Universities and colleges that fail to keep up to the changing need of students today will ultimately find themselves cascading towards a kind of disruptive chaos which will inevitably uproot them. People are starting to understand that there is a dire need to focus on imaginative and collaborative skills that can equip learners to be able to really take a hold of tomorrow’s world. BrainStation is a school that transforms students into creators and I am happy to say I finally felt like a creator.

Jass is taking BrainStation's Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

Jass is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

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