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By Daniel Crough July 6, 2016

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During week one of the Intro to Digital Marketing course, we focused the basics of strategy and also established a foundational definition of digital marketing. We were also divided into groups and given a project to work on for the remainder of the course. My group is amazing and we are all getting along swimmingly. I’m looking forward to learning more about the company we selected, for our project. It’s called Kotn and they make premium t-shirts made from Egyptian cotton.


(Kotn – I love a good white t-shirt!)

The second week was both informative and entertaining. Our instructors Justin Veneema and Andrea Bywater are great at unpacking course concepts in a way that is engaging and relevant to the work that I am already doing as a digital marketer. My favourite part of week two was using Xtensio to design marketing personas for Kotn. Xtensio is an easy to use suite of tools that were designed to help entrepreneurs plan, strategize and develop start-up concepts.


I’ve made some personas in the past and the results were pretty good, but they lacked structure and were not that visually appealing. Xtensio’s User Persona template makes this process much easier and the results look polished. We had a lot of laughs discussing the various traits of our personas in class.

So far BrainStation is a total breath of fresh air. I’m enjoying the tempo, energy and humour. It’s the shortest three-hour class that I have ever experienced and the takeaways have been immediately useful. I’m looking forward to next week when we dive into Google Analytics.

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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