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By Daniel Crough July 15, 2016

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During weeks three and four, our class focused on the search engine aspect of digital marketing. These topics are key to successful digital marketing since 93% of all digital experiences begin with a Google search. Without solid search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), even the best products and content may fail to garner attention. SEO can be a complicated process with a lot of moving pieces. This Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors provides some insight into the components that influence a site’s SEO ranking.

My key takeaway from the week three class was the importance of the development and use of effective keywords. It is important to use keywords across the various elements of your post appropriately. Peppering your post with the same keywords makes your content sound repetitive and does not significantly increase search visibility. Instead, marketers should ensure that every part of the post includes keywords that enhance searchability. These under-the-hood SEO practices increase your content’s attractiveness to crawlers which will enhance your content’s SEO ranking.

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During week four’s class we got to play around with Google Adwords and learned how to develop and deploy Adwords campaigns. The Adwords dashboard can be intimidating upon first glance so it was great having Andrea Bywater walk us through the various tools and functions. It was also useful to have someone explain the “bid” aspect of SEM. This is something that I have always found confusing so it was great to have it explained in person by an SEM expert.

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As always the class was entertaining; we all had a good laugh at some of the examples of SEM campaigns that were not executed properly. This Dominos search advertisement is a good example of how to blow it at SEM.

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

Daniel is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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