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By Courtney Bertsch July 11, 2016

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This week Cody the SEO Manager from Unbounce came and taught the class and I loved it! For many SEO can be a dry subject but this is something in my job today that I’m responsible for overseeing and I secretly find it so interesting.

Searching for something on Google is an action we all do on a daily basis. What most of us do not think about is how the relevant results populate. With SEO the main goal is to be the number one result and show up on the first page.

Cody walked us through the many components relating to the subject. Things that can be done to your website that contribute to SEO include title tags (key factor), meta descriptions, H1 tags (also key), site hierarchy, content and keywords (key again). Things that can be done off your site that also have a great impact on your results include link building. A point that I will bring back to the team at Urban Barn is remembering quality over quantity for building our inbound links.

For our digital pitch, SEO and site structure will definitely be a part of our recommendations and I’m looking forward to developing some ideas to share with the company.

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During week four of Intro to Digital Marketing, Andrea walked through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The class focused on the fundamentals of setting up paid search listings to build traffic to your site. The best part about SEM is how you’re able to see immediate results, which equals conversion.

What I love about BrainStation is we don’t just learn a concept but we actually get hands on experience. We got to walk through Google Adwords and the different features of how to properly set up an ad. With not having a ton of exposure to this before, it was definitely a lot of information. How the bidding works is still a bit foggy but will come with practice.

Andrea and Justin have asked us all to complete the Adwords Certification by the end of the course, which I’m really looking forward to. Along with being able to add this course to my resume, I will also have a certification too!

Courtney is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation Vancouver.

Courtney is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation Vancouver.

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