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By Tammy O'Connor June 7, 2016

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“This is my year.” Is something that I have been living by since the beginning of 2016. I have decided to put myself first and do things that I have been putting off. Something that I was excited (and scared) about was going back to school. Although this was only a 10 week long course, it got me back into the swing of being a student with group work, note taking and homework. Getting back into the classroom was made very informative and fun by Andrea and Justin with their amazing amounts of knowledge and laid back attitudes. When you feel comfortable in a learning environment, it makes everything seem to flow better.

Unfortunately, I have not completed my goal of finishing up the Google Analytics course and becoming certified. This is because life gets in the way sometimes and you have to just roll with the punches. It is definitely something that I still want to work on in the near future as I see it being being a very valuable tool to have knowledge in.


Our assignment through the course revolved around Kit and Ace, an amazing technical cashmere company that was started by Shannon and JJ Wilson in Vancouver. Since it’s beginning, Kit and Ace has expanded into the global market in a massive way opening showrooms in Australia, Japan, the US and the UK. Our goal was to create a roll out plan for new product including in-shop events and a global strategy for the line. It was such an interesting project because we had the opportunity to take a very in-depth look into Kit and Ace and actually really get to know the company from the inside out.

I was fortunate enough to have a graphic designer in my group and she did some amazing work for us. Above is just one segment that Andrea had created for our project, taking pieces from the Kit and Ace website and adding some flair. This is what we would imagine the community events page looking like, with ‘An Affair’ being the name that stands behind the hashtags on social media, and on invitations. 

I have really enjoyed my time at BrainStation and I look forward to taking advantage of their seminars and workshops that are hosted regularly. Thanks for following along on my journey through the Digital marketing course.

Sayonara for now!


Tammy is taking Intro to Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

Tammy took Intro to Digital Marketing at BrainStation in Vancouver!

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