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By Courtney Bertsch July 25, 2016


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This week we were able to have a group meeting outside of the classroom. We divided up the presentation and created a plan for the next couple of weeks. I’m so happy that everyone has deliverables and dates to work towards. This will help us stay on track and make us not create a presentation a week before everything is due. The areas I’m going to be discussing for the presentation include their website and SEO/SEM. With only having ten minutes total to present we will need to make sure everyone has focused ideas. The one piece we’re still really struggling with defining are the SMART goals. We decided to re-group and go back to the brief for Monday. Right now our goals are a bit too broad and we need to make sure they’re considerate of time as this was an important request from our client. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks and seeing how everything will come together.

Next up, Growth Hacking!

During week six we had a guest speaker Connor, teach us about Growth Hacking. I really enjoyed this class, as we talked about Influencer Marketing and one of my favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere, made the deck. Connor walked through the different ways companies can connect whether that’s through individual brand advocates, social groups/forums or by watching what’s trending in the market (Pokémon Go perhaps). One of my key takeaways was making sure the influencer has the opportunity to communicate exactly how they feel about your product or service. It’s a risk letting them have free expression but your review will definitely be more authentic. During our group work, our team came up with some good ideas that hopefully we can pass along to our client. Connor had a great tip in making sure we think outside the box – for example, Beach Travellers and local breweries. A little update, we’re still working on organizing our SMART goals.

Courtney is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation Vancouver.

Courtney is taking Digital Marketing at BrainStation Vancouver.

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