Student Experience | Brandon Pizzacala, iOS Development Online

By Brandon Pizzacala September 11, 2017

Get to know Brandon Pizzacala, the CEO and Co-Founder of GrowthGenius who is learning iOS Development online this Fall at BrainStation.


What is your education and career background? Your current role?

After attending Western University/Ivey Business School, I worked as an analyst in the M&A/Corporate Strategy group at Bell Canada. I left Bell to lead operations at Strum, a Toronto-based software startup before pursuing my own venture, GrowthGenius. At GrowthGenius we help B2B tech companies accelerate sales with AI-assisted sales development teams.

What course are you enrolled in for this cohort and what made you decide to take it?

Online iOS Development. I’ve taught myself software development over the last several years and now have a decent understanding of front-end web development (and basic backend development), but I’ve always been interested in mobile development so this was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on a subject I find enthralling.

How does the Online Course model fit with your needs?

I work a lot of hours every week, so saving a few hours a week not traveling to a classroom is perfect for me. I can easily switch from work to the iOS Development classroom in seconds.

What are you most excited to learn in iOS Development?

I fool around a bit with Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos, so would love to learn how to just build very basic apps that allow me to control actions with my phone.

How do you plan on applying your newfound skills, personally and/or professionally?

Personally, lots of hobby apps that do things I find neat. Professionally, it will give me perspective on ability/limitations of using a mobile app for serving our customers at GrowthGenius.


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