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By Ayesha Dhillon April 18, 2016

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Week 2 and I’m already feeling like I have a much better idea of what a UX Designer does – but I’m not get ahead of myself! I know there is so much more to come in the weeks ahead! This week we did a brainstorming session in groups and then created a product/app designed with UX in mind. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with classmates (especially when it came to sketching…) and share ideas! In a nutshell, I learnt that a) colourful sharpies are actually tools for work (and not just to make my planner and class notes pretty) b) creativity is a huge part of UX design & teamwork is essential when brainstorming and c) not every aspect of UX is computer based, for example when they say sketching… they mean sketching.

I’m not an artist. In fact, I was never good in art class, it was my worst subject, according to my teachers “creative, wonderful but lacking any drawing skill.” I remember every university project where I had to color, sketch, or be artistic in anyway something I would dread immensely.  But to my surprise, sketching in UX is pretty fun! Coming from someone who is always on the internet (and knows exactly what type of interface and usability is important to me), I got to design something that I thought regular people would love!


We covered everything in class – from which sharpies to use, to types of lines and what they mean – and found it really neat how much UX designers still rely on hand sketching! For someone in tech, I figured computers and iPads were the only way to go! We ended class working on our final projects and chatting with each other on creative ideas. I really love when we work in groups because everyone has such a unique perspective on things. We all have different priorities when it comes to what we want out of this course and what we want to create, and it’s really just an endless learning community!

I can’t wait for next week to see what’s next in the design process!

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