Student Experience, Ayesha Dhillon | User Experience Design

By Ayesha Dhillon May 27, 2016

Learn all about BrainStation’s UX Design Course!

1. Just two weeks left until your course is complete! What new knowledge have you found has had the greatest impact on you? 

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by, but then I look back at what I’ve learned in that short time and realize it’s a LOT! So much material has been condensed into ten weeks; however, I think it was laid out perfectly. I think the biggest impact this course has had is allowing me to dedicate time each week to focus on design thinking, being creative and learning how to think beyond my usual frame of marketing.

2. Can we get a sneak peek at your final project? 

I’ve been primarily focusing on the research portion so far, creating drafts and sketches in my google drive. I have been planning on spending these final few week (days now!) creating the prototype and piecing the puzzle together into a unified presentation! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pretty screenshots to share with you… at this time. But they’re coming, promise.

3. Now that you’ve all been learning together for eight weeks, what is the classroom experience like? 

It’s wonderful- I think everyone is, even MORE, comfortable to share with each other than before, plus we’ve gotten to know one another. I have had so many peers ask me about their projects when they have questions about social media and marketing (which is what my focus is in career wise), and I’ve been asking them, in return, questions on their expertise (whether it’s vision, coding or questions about creativity). Having their feedback has been an important part of my final project!

4. What have you found to be the most rewarding? Most challenging? 

I think the end presentation, all put together, will be the most rewarding without a doubt!

Most challenging has probably been the time commitment. I like to spend time before class to prepare, and time after to review, and on a weeknight with a full-time job, it’s been tough! Time management has been crucial, but I have to say, by Week 8 it has worked and paid off! I don’t feel rushed finishing my final project and will likely have time to let others review it before for feedback before I present too!

5. What are your goals for your final two weeks of the course?

To continue working on my final project with the timeline, I set, as well as connecting the dots with what I’m learning in this course to what I’ll be doing after I complete it. I’m a Customer Success Manager and work with UX designers on a weekly basis. However, it’s been so helpful to understand the lingo PLUS to be able to provide useful input into our designs.

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Ayesha is taking User Experience Design at BrainStation in Vancouver.

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