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By Amanda Levine April 13, 2016

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Tell us a bit about yourself – your education, current role, why you decided to enrol in the course. 

My background is in science and education. I was a teacher for about 6 years before I decided to switch gears and change directions in my career. About 3 years ago I started searching for jobs in the tech space. I eventually landed a role at FreshBooks in customer support. As the company has grown I’ve been fortunate enough to grow with it and into a Community Coordinator position within marketing. Over the past 6 months I’ve been riding a very steep learning curve. I’ve been learning from those around me and by taking advantage of online resources like Hootsuite’s Podium. 

I reached a point where I really wanted to kick things into high gear and gain a deeper understanding of what I do on the social media end of things and how it fits in to the larger digital marketing picture. I also wanted to open my world to others in the field and be able to increase my network and find out how social media and marketing is being done in other places.  

I decided to enrol in the BrainStation course specifically because I like the idea of being taught by industry experts and having future access to continuing educational like weeknight workshops. I see myself investing in not just a 10 week course, but in a future of ongoing learning and a community of like minded people that I can now be a part of. 

What are your goals for the course?

My goals for the course are to build a better foundation of knowledge so I can take social media at FreshBooks to the next level. I am 60% done a social media strategy and I’d like to complete it and feel very confident in it. I also hope to make long lasting relationships with others in the same field. 

It’s been 2 weeks since the course kicked off – what have you found the most interesting thus far?

We’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of content so, so far, the most interesting thing is the diversity of the students attending the course. People of all ages, backgrounds and stages in life. It really goes to show how far reaching a topic like Digital Marketing is and how applicable it is in so many situations. It’s been really great getting to know my team and seeing the unique perspective and talents each brings to the table. I’ve really enjoyed the team work aspect.

How would you describe the learning environment? 

The learning environment seems very aspirational and dynamic. Everyone in the room is really excited to be there and contributes different things to the conversation. I like how the teaching is broken up by working sessions. The 3 hours fly by.

What have you found to be challenging?

I can tell that the pace of the class will be an ongoing challenge. There is so much information crammed into a relatively short amount of time that we will never be able to get everything done during class time. This means we have to find time during the week to finish the work. This is tough while juggling a full time job and other commitments. So time management during the week has been the biggest challenge so far.

What are your goals for week 3 & 4?

Goals for week 3 and 4 are to walk away feeling like a Google Analytics all star. Reporting is something I’ve been trying to introduce in my role and I’d love to understand the Google Analytics dashboard better so I can make a strong case for social and get buy in from the rest of marketing and the execs. I don’t think a lot of people understand or value what we do. In general I’d like to start being able to apply the things I’m learning in class back to my role.

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