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By Amanda Levine May 11, 2016

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Now that you’re more than half way through your course, what has been your favourite aspect of the course thus far?

This past week was really great. The instructor, Sarah Stockdale from Tilt, was fantastic! She gave us tons of valuable information and also worked in activities to the class to consolidate the learning.

Can you tell us a bit about your final project?

Our final project is slowly coming together.  My group has booked time outside of class to see what we’ve accomplished and start filling in the gaps. Every week we get a little bit closer to a final product. So far, we are very crisp on who our target market is and have been able to identify areas of opportunity for the Kit & Ace Digital Marketing team; however, we still need to decide which tactics will be the best way to address them. We’ve also come up with a pretty cute group name: All About That Ace…

How do you see yourself applying your newfound skills to your current role?

I concentrate specifically in social media at work, so I’m really looking forward to this next week’s session as I’ll be learning things I can relate directly back to what I’m doing. I’m hoping to be able to complete a social strategy that has been in the works for a while. The growth hacking class also has helped as one of the things I’m focused on this quarter is growing our audience.

What have you found to be the most rewarding? Most challenging?

The most rewarding thing has been seeing aspects of class I’m learning that can actually be applied to my job or have helped me understand what other areas of the company, like acquisition, does a bit better. By understanding how all the moving pieces fit together I can better support (and be supported by) my coworkers.

 The most challenging has been trying to wrap my head around some more complicated concepts like Google Analytics. 

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